Awards & Testimonials


Architect: Kerry Hill

Ingemar is positioned on 4 hectares of natural bush overlooking the beautiful Margaret River. Part of the build brief was to protect the established fauna, to enhance constructed berms and levels with the salvaged soils that would contain seeds to regenerate the site. With care and diligence, WBI achieved the results the clients desired.

The home has several separate living areas created by a series of timber -clad modules. The walls of these modules are constructed utilising Insulated Concrete Formwork. The floors are heated polished concrete. The Sliding doors and windows are double glazed and protected by sliding steel and timber screens. The separate guest accommodation is connected to the main building by a concrete runway and is constructed as a self - contained module.

The infinite detail and exceptional design created by Kerry Hill Architects set the highest standard of workmanship that WBI have encountered. We are proud to have met these parameters to achieve an exceptional result for our clients, who extremely proud of their home.

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